Scripting BTT

BetterTouchTool supports a generic scripting interface (see below), which can be accessed via different means, depending on your use case.

Floating WebView/ HTML Menu: Additionally if you use BetterTouchTool's Floating Web View, you can easily access the scripting interface right from the HTML/JavaScript: Trigger from Floating Web View

These are the available scripting interfaces: (please go to the )

  • trigger_named
  • update_touch_bar_widget
  • update_stream_deck_widget
  • trigger_action
  • execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger
  • refresh_widget
  • get_trigger
  • update_trigger (to create or if exists update a trigger)
  • add_new_trigger
  • delete_trigger
  • trigger_named
  • trigger_named_async_without_response
  • get_dock_badge_for
  • get_active_touch_bar_group
  • is_true_tone_enabled
  • get_location
  • set_persistent_string_variable
  • set_string_variable
  • set_persistent_number_variable
  • set_number_variable
  • get_number_variable
  • get_string_variable
  • export_preset

Note: There are some built-in variables, which can also be quite helpful:

Built-In Scripting Variables

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